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Update on Binance BNB


Now that binance increased minimum withdrawal of BNB to 0.1, I think this is what you should always do if you want to buy BNB, especially for those of you looking for binance smart chain (BSC)

1. Buy BUSD (binance stable coin) from binance exchange. 

2. Send it to your BUSD BEP-20 wallet address in trust wallet. 

3. You must select network as BEP20 when you are about to send from binance to trust wallet BUSD BEP20 address

4. When you receive the BUSD BEP20 in your trust wallet, go to PANCAKESWAP in your trust wallet DApp browser.

5. Select first coin to be BUSD and then select the second coin which you are exchanging to, to be BNB.

6. Put the total amount of BUSD you want to swap to smart chain bnb and you will see the equivalent.  

7. Do the swapping to BNB bsc


After receiving the BUSD BEP20 in your trust wallet, just navigate to DEX just after the DApp below your wallet. 

Click on swap not exchange. It must be SWAP.

Then, select first coin as BUSD BEP20 where the coin sent is located. 

Select the second coin as SMART CHAIN BNB.

Click 100% 

Click swap, then you are good to go. 

Just helping out those that don't have enough money to buy (0.1 bnb) from binance. 

Happy swapping guys....


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