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SafeKitty SKTY Airdrop

 SafeKitty $SKTY Token Airdrop 

How to participate in the SafeKitty $SKTY Token  airdrop?

👉 Join the @SafeKitty & @SafeKittyAnn . 

👉 Follow  Twitter page and retweet the pinned post.

🔐 Important:

After completing all required steps, fill in the form & sumbit your username & BEP 20 wallet address.

✍️  Fill the Airdrop withdrawal Form compulsorily.


 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Airdrop Rewards

5,000,000 SKTY - 4$ ( For all participants)

2,500,000 SKTY -2$ (For every valid referrals)

@SafeKitty $SKTY is a decentralized token with a multiple usecases.🔥🚀

#ToTheMeowSoon 😼.

✅ BSC Scan verified :



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