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Update on Binance BNB

 UPDATE Now that binance increased minimum withdrawal of BNB to 0.1, I think this is what you should always do if you want to buy BNB, especially for those of you looking for binance smart chain (BSC) 1. Buy BUSD (binance stable coin) from binance exchange.  2. Send it to your BUSD BEP-20 wallet address in trust wallet.  3. You must select network as BEP20 when you are about to send from binance to trust wallet BUSD BEP20 address 4. When you receive the BUSD BEP20 in your trust wallet, go to PANCAKESWAP in your trust wallet DApp browser. 5. Select first coin to be BUSD and then select the second coin which you are exchanging to, to be BNB. 6. Put the total amount of BUSD you want to swap to smart chain bnb and you will see the equivalent.   7. Do the swapping to BNB bsc                       OR After receiving the BUSD BEP20 in your trust wallet, just navigate to DEX just after the DApp below your wallet.  Click on swap not exchange. It must be SWAP. Then, select first coin as BUSD BEP

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 Buy..... EARNX SAFEBTC CAROM MDAO You can get their contract address at Not Financial Advise DYOR

MIX Signals

  Accumulate some Potential Altcoins at this dip... $QTUM/USDT Entry:- $13-$15 Target:- $20 $ALGO/USDT Entry:- $1.20-$1.40 Target:- $2 $UNI/USDT Entry:- $26-$30 Target:- $50 $SUSHI/USDT Entry:- $11-$13.7 Target:- $20/$30 $DOT/USDT Entry:- $32-$36.7 Target:- $50 Don't have a Binance account? Register here and start trading

POLKA Domain Giveaway

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BTC - USD Market Updates

  MARKET UPDATE :- BTC seems ready for $68000! Yes you read it right! Our team of pro analysts are predicting a $68000 BTC by the end of this month! It will be rapid. BTC broke out of the inverse Head and Shoulders pattern and retested the neckline. It is ready for a full send! ALTCOINS : Alts have been performing very well in the last few weeks. We did see BTC pair alts being hit by this 60k+ rally! It's not permanent and we witnessed an immediate recovery in alt/btc and alt/usdt pairs. What's next ? Well we are planning to post more setups on both ALTS/USDT and ALT/BTC pair coins.

GXS Trade Signal

  GXS has reached the bottom support after breaking the resistance out. Breakout & retest done, now only way is up. Buy GXS below 208 sats Targets #1 : Short term : 2500 Targets #2 : Mid term : 4000 Targets #3 : Long term : 8000 Buy and hold GXS

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XTZ Trade Signal

  New trade setup: XTZ/USDT. XTZ broke out of the trendline. It's ready for 25% to 30% upward rally. You can enter at $6.0 to $6.25 Targets #1: $6.65 Targets #2: $7.12 Targets #3: $7.68 Targets #4: $7.92 SL: $5.6 Keep in touch for more crypto news, signals and Airdrops!

FFD Airdrop

 Join Airdrop and get 5.00 FFD Tokens when joining the airdrop from fire finance digital right now, joining link: 5 FFD = $2 This is legit, take it SERIOUSLY

TOFU Finance Airdrop

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OMG Signal

   OMG/USDT breaking out of the chart again.If you missed the rally,you can take the re entry once again. ENTRY: $7.35 TO $7.45 Target: $8.2 to $9. Don’t miss this one! Watch out for more.